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OCR (MEI) A Level Maths

OCR (MEI) A Level Maths

OCR (MEI) Endorsed Student Textbooks and eTextbooks

Discover our resources for OCR B (MEI) A-level Mathematics, developed by subject specialists and MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).

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Titles in this series
Our Student Books are also available in two digital formats:
The Student eTextbooks are downloadable version of the printed textbooks. They enable students to study on the move and provide a cost effective way to resource your classroom.
The Whiteboard eTextbooks are an online, interactive version of the printed textbooks that are ideal for front-of-class teaching and lesson planning. 

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OCR (MEI) A level Further Mathematics
View our range of print and digital resources for A level Further Mathematics
Give students the confidence to identify connections between topics and apply their reasoning to mathematical problems, so as to develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and their applications; with resources developed with subject specialists and MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).
Our eTextbooks link seamlessly with Integral A Level Mathematics online resources, allowing you to move with ease between corresponding topics in the eTextbooks and Integral
Integral has been developed by MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry) and supports teachers and students with high quality teaching and learning activities including dynamic resources and self-marking tests and assessments.

Sample eTextbook chapter with Integral links

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Free support resources from Integral
FREE Casio calculator support resources:
Our eTextbooks link to free online content developed by Casio for use with their ‘fx CG20’ graphing calculator, to help students make the most of their calculator in the exams.