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Languages CPD to boost 2020 performance
Review 2019 exams and improve results in 2020 - CPD available for GCSE, IGCSE and A-level French, German and Spanish
Flipped Learning at A-level
Delve into the world of Flipped Learning and discover techniques to radically improve your teaching life.
Engaging audio tutorials from Audiopi
Inspire and engage your students with accessible audio content - available for RS, History, English and Science
Tectonic Hazards Teacher Conference
Spend a day away from exams and pass rates and join us to hear thought provoking talks from leading academic experts!
Coming up...
New Student Guides for Pearson Edexcel A-level RS
Build, reinforce and assess students' knowledge throughout the course - two guides already available, two more coming soon
AQA A Level Physical Education Student Guide 1
Factors affecting participation in physical activity and sport
Delivering the 2016 Cambridge Technical Qualification in IT with confidence
Hear an expert's insight into the 2016 specification and how it differs to the 2012 specification
Essential Skills
Ensure your students have the essential maths, literacy and working scientifically skills they need to succeed