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Logging In

How do I log into Dynamic Learning?
Go to and enter your login details
You will receive your login details in your Dynamic Learning access email, or from one of your colleagues. If you are a student, please speak with your Teacher. 

For help giving access to your colleagues and students please read our help guides:
Teacher Access Guide
Student Access Guide
The Dynamic Reader App gives students the ability to access their Student eTextbooks offline on two devices. They are allocated to students through Dynamic Learning and be accessed online or via the Dynamic Reader App.

Download the iOS App
Download the Android App
I am locked out of my account. How can I log back in?
If there is a period of inactivity on your account of 4 hours, you are automatically logged out and will need to log back in.  If you start a new session on a different computer, you will be logged out of your previous session.
I can’t log in using my details
If you can’t log into Dynamic Learning with the details you’ve been given, please check:
  • Are you using the correct webpage?
  • Are you copying and pasting the login details? The login fields are case sensitive.
  • Click the ‘Forgotten your login details?’ link on the login page to be sent a reminder.
If you’re still unable to log in, the problem may be caused by the Javascript settings on your computer. 
If your school uses a Proxy you may see a small yellow alert or exclamation mark at the bottom left-hand of the browser status bar (at the bottom of the page).  This will need to be resolved by your network manager.
How do I give my colleagues access?
Teachers who have already have a Dynamic Learning acount are automatically given free access to Teaching and Learning resources, Question Practice, Whiteboard eTextbooks and Magazine Archives the establishment is trialling or has subscribed to.

These can be viewed with either the generic teacher login details that can be found in the access email sent to the order contact or teachers can be set up with their own account by another Teacher Administrator.  

Business Adminstration, Functional Skills, Student eTextbooks and eMagazines must be allocated to users, or can be accessed by using the generic teacher login details.
The User Manager and Teacher Admin users in Dynamic Learning can manually create individual teacher accounts in the Manage administration pages, or the User Manager can send a link to all teachers that need accounts, so they can self-register.
a) Manually creating individual accounts
1. Click on ‘Manage’ in the top right hand side of your screen to go to the administration pages.
2. Choose ‘Manage Users’ from the popup window.
3. Select ‘Manage teachers & administrators’ and click on the ‘Add teacher’ button
4. Enter details of the teacher user and click ‘Save’
b) Self registration
1. Click on ‘Manage’ in the top right hand side of your screen to go to the administration pages.
2. Choose ‘Manage Users’ from the popup window.
3. Select ‘User Manager preferences’
4. Tick ‘Allow teachers to self-register’ and click ‘Save’
5. Copy and paste the URL into an email to your colleagues
If you have any problems registering your email address, please contact us at