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CPD: The Learning Classroom ebook

by Brian Boyd
216 pages
ISBN 9781471840555

Available as an ebook from ebooks.com
In The Learning Classroom, Brian Boyd considers the large range of initiatives which have asked teachers to promote creativity, enterprise, citizenship (amongst others), as well as the growing interest in international ideas such as multiple intelligences, learning styles and teaching for understanding, to name but a few. The book looks at the key aspect of a number of these ideas as they impact on classrooms and describes how teachers can create a learning classroom which will incorporate the key elements of these initiatives.
The Continuing Professional Development series sets out to demystify professional development in education, and does so from a Scottish perspective. All books in the series approach their subject in an accessible manner that allows teachers and educators to perceive how continuing professional development can enhance job satisfaction - as well as making a real difference to the most important client group of all: the pupils and students in their care.