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Theory of Knowledge

Theory of Knowledge

A coherent and compelling narrative through the latest guide from two of the IB's most respected TOK experts.

Full support is provided via a Student's Book and Dynamic Learning that help students examine the nature of knowledge and ways of knowing.
Titles in this series
Both of the authors are highly respected TOK experts.
Nicholas Alchin is the former Chief Assessor for TOK and the author of our bestselling 1st and 2nd editions.

Carolyn Henly is a senior examiner and TOK workshop leader. She was on the advisory commmittee for the new guide and has written support material for the IB.
A story that makes sense of the course
Unlike other texts, our Student's Book trys to tell 'a story' - the journey for reliable/certain knowledge. It begins where the students are (as human knowers in the early 21st century) and then takes them through the ideas in a way that makes sense.

Read the complete course narrative.
A complete digital solution
A comprehensive digital package of eTextbooks and Teaching and Learning Resources that support the creation and delivery of bespoke TOK lessons.

Trial the Student and Whiteboard eTextbooks for 30 days and try samples from the Teaching and Learning Resources now ahead of their publication next year.
IB Review
The magazine for IB Diploma students
Every issue includes topical articles across all the subject groups with TOK support applied, plus a regular TOK focus and a between-issues e-review of topical TOK analysis written by Nick Alchin.

IB Review
Chapter 1: Introduction to Theory of Knowledge
Please note this is an uncorrected proof. As a result some of the content may be subject to alteration prior to publication.

A practical year-round-companion
Build confidence with this practical companion offering advice and guidance from an experienced TOK expert.


Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma: Skills for Success
What's changed in the new 2015 Guide?
  • 4 new Ways of Knowing
  • 2 new Areas of Knowledge
  • Knowledge Questions instead of Knowledge Issues
  • Global Impression Mark in assessment
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