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Practice Makes Permanent: AQA GCSE & A-level Science

Practice Makes Permanent: AQA GCSE & A-level Science

Practise and prepare for AQA GCSE and A-level Science with hundreds of topic-based questions and one complete set of exam practice papers designed to strengthen knowledge and aid progress.

Help students to identify gaps in learning and secure understanding.

Titles in this series
GCSE Sample Pages

Download your free sample pages from our AQA GCSE Practice Makes Permanent books.

A-level sample pages

Download your free sample pages from our AQA A-level Practice Makes Permanent books.

Consolidate knowledge and understanding

These books contain hundreds of practice questions covering every topic and type of question, including multiple-choice, multi-step calculations and extended response questions.

Fill in the gaps and identify topics for revision

Test knowledge and easily identify topics for revision. Plus, each question has page references to the specification and accompanying Hodder Education Student Books for remediation to fill any gaps.

Support independent and home learning

Full worked solutions and mark schemes are provided in the book so that students can easily mark their own work.

Develop maths, literacy and practical skills

Practise and perfect key skills; each question indicates which skills are being tested so that students can identify areas for extra practice.

Provide 'Shed Loads of Practice'

This extensive practice book raises students' performance by providing 'shed loads of practice', and can be used to follow the 'SLOP' learning approach.

Confidently approach the exam

Prepare for assessment by completing one set of exam-style practice papers that replicate the types, wording and structure of the questions students will face.