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Key Stage 3 Mastering Mathematics

A comprehensive Key Stage 3 maths resource for schools

Review by Adam Riches, Teach Secondary


  • Loaded with lesson plans, resources and teacher walkthroughs
  • Fully integrates with Hodder eBooks
  • Built-in assessment and quizzing functions
  • Simple, functional data reporting and gaps analysis tools


Hodder Education has moved with the times. The publisher’s books have long been a staple in many schools, but as we rely less on print media and more on technology, it has become apparent that the possibilities for teaching can be enhanced significantly. The most recent maths offer from Hodder Education, Key Stage 3 Mastering Mathematics, is a one stop shop for planning, resourcing and teaching the maths required for years 7, 8 and 9, with updated textbooks, differentiated practice books and everything teachers require to deliver the curriculum available via a convenient digital platform.

Boost is the name of Hodder Education’s innovative online learning environment that acts as the interface for its resources, integrating lesson plans, schemes of learning, tests and reports, and presenting them in an intuitive, accessible manner. It’s hugely user-friendly; you don’t have to spend much time exploring it to realise that Hodder Education definitely knows what teachers need.

The course plans for Mastering Mathematics are well presented and easy to follow - there are no frills or complications, they just do the job, and they do it well. The resources can be accessed in a few clicks, with lessons and units ordered in a logical way. In addition, teachers have the ability to share, ‘favourite’ and download resources at the press of a button. You can log in and be teaching in seconds.

Mastering Maths is an inclusive resource and it is a forward-thinking one, too. Each lesson comes with resources, worksheets and notes to help the teacher, as well as the answers to any of the questions that are set. Not only does this add huge value for non-specialists, it also acts as a tool for learners to build independence. The presentations are offered as PowerPoints, and cleverly available in mobile format, too - another example of inclusivity and adapting to the modern classroom.

The teacher is at the forefront of the functionality. ‘Favourited’ lessons are added to your own personal library, meaning that you can pick and choose the content that suits your learners best. In addition, all resources are fully editable, so you don’t have to use them out of the box if you do not wish to.

One of my favourite things about Mastering Mathematics is the fact that each topic and every lesson correlates to the Hodder Mastering
Maths eBooks. These are included in the package and allow teachers to direct students to access different parts of the books electronically.
To assess learners using the knowledge tests, simply set the tasks and wait for the results to roll in via the platform. This avoids extra marking,
while allowing for progress tracking over time and gaps analysis as required. Teachers can also track learners through the task completion
report, making for effective, data-informed decision-making.

Once more, Hodder has thought carefully about what teachers need, and has delivered. Mastering Mathematics is an impressively comprehensive offer that will increase the quality and efficiency of teaching and learning and hugely reduce teacher workload.



  • Brilliant workload reducing tool
  • Fully loaded with resources and tests that work
  • Hugely functional and easily adopted
  • Everything needed in one place
  • Fully editable

UPGRADE IF. . . you are looking for a brilliantly considered KS3 maths offer. Also consider if you have inexperienced teachers who could do with some additional SKE on the job.

Find out more about the scheme here.