AutoMaths for A-level

AutoMaths for A-level

The question generator with instant feedback

Boost students’ understanding and improve A-level Mathematics grades with access to thousands of practice questions, providing instant feedback, automated marking, a choice of pre-built tests and the ability to build your own bespoke tests.

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Titles in this series
1. Create bespoke tests
Support students of all abilities by creating bespoke tests from the comprehensive question bank; each test can include a range of difficulty levels and as many questions as you like
2. Instant feedback
Improve students’ understanding using instant feedback to help students identify and correct any mistakes at each step of the question
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3. Pre-built tests
Consolidate knowledge with the option to set pre-built tests or build your own set of questions, either in ‘practice mode’ for unmarked practice work or in ‘test mode’ for scored and reported tests
4. Request a hint
Confidently tackle questions, with the ability to request hints
5. Thousands of questions
Choose to assign tests with 'randomised' values - this will ensure the variables are different each time the test is generated, helping to reinforce understanding through repetition and ensuring no student completes the same question twice.
6. Automated marking
Reclaim your teaching time; automated marking gives you the chance to  spend more time planning and teaching
7. Track student progress
Easily track student development and see where students have requested hints or made errors, helping you to identify which topics need revision
8. Every leading specification
This digital question bank is suitable for every leading specification (AQA, OCR A, OCR B (MEI) and Pearson Edexcel), with new questions being added regularly.
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Prices are for a 1-year subscription