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Enquiring History

Enquiring History

Inspire your students to think more deeply and engage more passionately with real history.

This Schools History Project series develops your students’ understanding and interest in history via an enquiry-based approach. Each text takes the core of the topic and investigates it in detail.

Titles in this series
About the Series
The enquiry-based approach makes studying more interesting and focuses on the key issues that lead to understanding.
  • Structured enquiries which explore the core content and issues of each period
  • ‘Insight’ panels between enquiries to provide context, overview and extension
About The Wars of the Roses
'This is the book I've been waiting for my entire A Level teaching career. It's rigorous, analytical and a damned good read; it hooks students in from the start by appealing to everything that's thrilling about the period...holds their attention by weaving personal stories throughout events and uses illustrations and diagrams to clarify historical processes.' -Amazon reviewer, 6th July 2012
Sample Chapters

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Free Resources
Selected titles in the series are available as eBooks.
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