A new focus on...

A new focus on...KS3 History

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A new focus on...Textbooks for KS3 History
Looking to diversify your KS3 curriculum?

A new focus on... is designed to be used flexibly, with enquiries that will complement and enhance your existing schemes of work.

Look at topics through a different lens, see the past from many perspectives and question traditional narratives.

This exciting new series publishes in 2023. Pre-order your FREE digital eInspection Copies today.

Black Lives in Britain, c.1500–2000




Abdul Mohamud &

Robin Whitburn, founders of Justice to History

The British Empire, c.1500–present




Tom Allen, Salma Barma,

Ed Durbin,

David Hibbert,

Richard Kennett,

Zaiba Patel, Emmy Quinn,

Maia Stevenson,

Funmilola Stewart,

Sally Thorne & Shahnaz Yasmin

British Social History, c.1920–2000




Susanna Boyd, Claire Holliss, Ruth Lingard & Helen Snelson

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