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History Blog

Choosing a new A Level – Blood on the carpet!
By Tom Hilton
21 Nov
When the annual email about content for the sixth form prospectus popped into my inbox I had a sudden realisation that it now really was time to make a decision about what we would do for our new A-Level. A growing fear of the unknown combined with a sense of great opportunity led me to think carefully about how as a department we would go about making our choice...
Making sense of (religious) history (cont)
By Alec Fisher
17 Nov
As an author and teacher I have been trying to think more deeply about how best to teach religion and matters of faith in history lessons. 

Making sense of (religious) history
By Alec Fisher
17 Nov
Recently, the kids I teach have been asking me about 'all that stuff in Syria, where they cut off heads and all.' Moreover, as one of the authors of the Making Sense of History series, I have been grappling with writing various sections on religion.

These two challenges have given me occasion to think more widely about our approach to teaching religion and matters of faith in history lessons.

So let me share my thinking with you.
Parliament in the Making
By Holly Greenland
13 Nov
To follow on from Nigel Saul's overview of the aims and plans for Magna Carta 800, Holly Greenland from the Parliament Public Engagement and Learning team introduces the resources that Parliament will be producing for the anniversary. 
Working on the Magna Carta Anniversary
By Nigel Saul
10 Nov
In all our work for the Magna Carta anniversary, those of us involved on the various committees have been urged to think about ‘legacy’.  Every project has to have ‘legacy’.  But what exactly does it mean?  Answering this question takes us to the very heart of what the anniversary is all about.