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History Blog

OCR War and Society
By Ben Walsh
26 May
Well, it’s finally arrived! The last of the textbooks for OCR GCSE History Specification A has finally landed. War and Society in Britain c790 to c 2010, along with the British Depth Study on The Personal Rule to Restoration 1629-60 and the Historic Environment Study on Castles is no longer a collection of drafts and revisions but a real book in the real world!
SHP Conference 2017
By Sally Thorne
08 May
I first attended the SHP conference in 2008. I remember being a bit nervous about not knowing anyone, but this turned out to be an unfounded concern, because what everybody at SHP has in common is a desire to be better History teachers. 

Now we're nearly a decade on and the SHP conference has its own hashtag (#shp17 this year), but it continues to offer outstanding CPD that lies at the cutting edge of our profession. What delights me every year is that there really is something for everyone, no matter where you're coming from or how long you've been doing your job.