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History Blog

SHP Conference 2014
By Jim Belben
16 Jul
First it's the turn of Jim Belben who commissions books for the SHP partnership and also tweets as @HodderHistory...
Waterloo 200, part 2
By Michael Crumplin
10 Jul
Michael Crumplin is a retired consultant surgeon and his only involvement in teaching was in training and examining young medical students and aspiring surgeons during their careers. As an interest long before retirement, he became involved in the period of European and transatlantic revolution and conflict (1760-1820), which is a timescale full of fascinating events and divertissements. His interest in social and military affairs of these times blended well with the evolution of healthcare in the armed services and in civilian life, which pre-dated the era of anaesthesia and particularly, antisepsis.
Waterloo 200, part 1
By Michael Crumplin
08 Jul
In his first blog, Michael Crumplin sets out some comments on the efforts being undertaken to commemorate and celebrate the bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo (June 18 2015).