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History Blog

Access to History for the new specifications
By Dr Michael Lynch
25 Feb
Series Editor, Dr Michael Lynch, introduces the new editions of the Access to History series, as the first two titles are now available.

Relax, your wait is over! Eager as you are to get your hands on new texts that offer enlightenment, guidance and enjoyment, you will be thrilled by the appearance this week of the first books in a series that will cover practically all the areas of A-Level History study. Specifically written to meet the demands of the new-style examinations that begin in 2016, these books, will satisfy all the student’s needs and more.
Active Revision - 1
By Donald Cumming
09 Feb
It is that time of year when nervous students finally get round to focusing on revision. They've no doubt purchased revision books, perhaps splashed out on helpful revision apps, and may even be constructing beautifully-coloured revision schedules...

But how do you engage them with revision in an active way? What approaches can you take that get them beyond reading/taking pages of notes without ever processing the information or feeling overwhelmed by it?

My next few blog posts will hopefully add a few new ideas to your revision-activity toolkit, alongside reminding you of a few old classics it is always worth using.