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History Blog

A very knowledgeable Christmas
By Alex Ford
20 Dec
So, it’s that time of the year once again. Time for Christmas decorations and carol concerts. Time for the RE department to show Christmas Simpsons episodes every lesson, claiming some tenuous curricular link. Time for kids to bounce into your classrooms demanding quizzes (or low-stakes cultural capital tests if you prefer) and Haribo with menaces. And of course, it is time for the annual Hodder History Nest Christmas blog.
Some reflections on SHP’s GCSE textbook series
By Michael Riley - Director of the Schools History Project
01 Dec
October saw the publication of the twelfth and final title in SHP’s series for the OCR B (SHP) GCSE. Michael Riley takes stock of what has been achieved in this textbook series and why he is so proud of the talented author team.
The First Crusade
By Rachel Foster and Kath Goudie
25 Aug

The final world depth study for the OCR B textbook series covers the First Crusade c1070-1100. Rachel Foster and Kath Goudie explain why they think this option will be a rewarding one for students to study - if you can wean yourself off the mega-popular alternative of Living under Nazi Rule!