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Geography Question Bank for Years 7-11

Geography Question Bank for Years 7-11

Time-saving tests for KS3 and GCSE

Discover our online bank of questions and mark schemes for Years 7-11 that helps your department to track progress, consolidate knowledge and identify gaps. Apply ready-made tests or choose from hundreds of questions to build your own bespoke tests, homework tasks or activities. 

Titles in this series
What is Question Bank and how does it work?

Question Bank is a simple online platform providing a bank of over a thousand questions for you to use in class, in assessments or as homework activities for Years 7-11. The KS3 questions help familiarise students with GCSE-style questions while being pitched at the appropriate level.  Read the flyer >  



Search and Filter Questions

Design your test by using the search bar or applying filters like topic, year group or assessment objective.

Arranging your test

Preview and select your questions then choose the order you want them in.

Save and Share your Test

Once its ready, save and export your test. You can easily share the test across your department. Tests can be exported as PDFs or editable word files. Every test you create is stored for you to easily access and share as often as you need to and can be personalised by adding your school name or crest. 

About the author team

Find out more about all of the experienced teachers who wrote the questions in the Question Bank:

Request a demonstration

If you'd like to try it for yourself, contact us at education@hodder.co.uk to arrange a demo - it's that simple!

What topics do the ready-made tests cover?

Click through the free sample tests below to see how our Question Bank covers topics from Years 7-11. The questions adopt a gentle approach designed to stimulate students and encourage knowledge retrieval while providing year on year continutity. The At A Glance Guide maps out which topics the ready-made tests in our Geography Question Bank are covered, ranging from rivers; coasts; and natural hazards to population and migration; urban issues and challenges; and economic activities.

At A Glance Guide

Compare the At A Glance Guide with these downloadable sample tests to see how the Geography Question Bank provides an array of ready-made assessments that will help your students build up their knowledge and skills.

Year 7 Sample Test

Download this retrieval quiz covering Weather and Climate:

Year 8 Sample Test

Download this sample retrieval quiz for Coasts: 

Year 9 Sample Test

Download this retrieval quiz covering Climate Change:

Year 10 Sample Test

Download this retrieval quiz covering Natural Hazards:

Year 11 Sample Test

Download this retrieval quiz covering Urban Issues and Challenges:

View the Geography Question Bank

Find out more about the Geography Question Bank. With 900 questions across 89 ready-made tests with embedded stimulus material, the bank provides effective assessment support for your department.