Updated schemes of work for KS3 and

GCSE Food Preparation & Nutrition

Bev Saunder & Yvonne Mackey

We have published new ‘catch-up’ versions of the Schemes of Work (SOW) for:

Exploring Food and Nutrition for Key Stage 3 Teaching and Learning Resources (9781510458208).

AQA GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Teaching and Learning Resources (9781471873942).


Bev Saunder (KS4) and Yvonne Mackey (KS3) have re-worked these to incorporate ‘interleaving’, suggesting where and how to cover topics that students will have missed during lockdown. They have also made several other amends, to ensure that the schemes are as useful as possible for you over the next few months.

These schemes of work will soon be available in our Teaching & Learning Resources. You can also download the Year 8 and Year 10 schemes of work for free below.

The catch-up Schemes of Works include:

  • More suggestions for teaching in a standard classroom, in case your school is working in bubbles which may exclude whole class practical work.
  • More variety in the recipe choices and classroom activities.  
  • Interleaved Hodder resources to include work from the lower years to allow the ‘catch-up’ needed by students following school closures.
  • Reference to a wider range of Hodder resources to aid this theory teaching, including two new resources for AQA GCSE: Exam Practice Papers with Sample Answers and Exam Ques-tion Practice Workbook (both by Bev Saunder), as well as suggestions for how to use Explor-ing Food and Nutrition for Key Stage 3 in Year 10.
  • Flexibility in the Year 11 scheme to allow for changes to the NEA for the 2021 series; Ofqual recently announced that NEA 1 has been removed and NEA 2 requires only two dishes to be made in a three-hour period.
  • Revision for the final Written Examination for AQA GCSE. 
  • More formative and summative assessment throughout the courses.
  • A range of low-stakes testing opportunities.
  • Built in DIRT (Directed Improvement Reflection Time).
  • Success Criteria to match the Learning Objectives.
  • Key terms to aid whole school literacy teaching.
  • Additional recipes that demonstrate a wider range of practical skills.



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Download Year 10 Scheme of Work

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