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English Language and English Literature Question Banks for Years 7-11

English Language and English Literature Question Banks for Years 7-11

Time-saving tests for KS3 and GCSE

Discover our online bank of questions and mark schemes for Years 7-11 that helps your department to track progress, consolidate knowledge and identify gaps. Apply ready-made tests or choose from hundreds of questions to build your own bespoke tests, homework tasks or activities. 

Titles in this series
What is Question Bank and how does it work?

Question Bank is a simple online platform providing a bank of over a thousand questions for you to use in class, in assessments or as homework activities for Years 7-11. The KS3 questions help familiarise students with GCSE-style questions while being pitched at the appropriate level.  



Step 1 - Search and Filter Questions

Design your test by using the search bar or applying subject specific filters like genre and author, or general filters like year group and assessment objective.

Step 2 - Arrange your test

Preview and select your questions then choose the order you want them in.

Step 3 - Save and Share your Test

Once its ready, save and export your test. You can easily share the test across your department. Tests can be exported as PDFs or editable word files. Every test your create is stored for you to easily access and share as often as you need to. 

How do the ready-made tests line up with Assessment Objectives?

Click through the free sample tests below to see how our Question Bank covers AO1 from years 7-11. The questions adopt a gentle approach designed to stimulate students and provide year on year continutity. The At A Glance Guide map out how each of the ready-made tests in each Question Bank has been designed with a particular assessment objective in mind.  

At a glance

See what’s included as timed topic tests for each AO with these summary guides:

Sample Tests for Year 7
Sample Tests for Year 8
Sample Tests for Year 10
Sample Tests for Year 11
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English Language Question Bank

464 questions and 96 ready-made tests

Questions mirror the AQA GCSE Specification covering creative reading and writing as well as viewpoints and perspectives for reading and writing. 

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At a Glance Guide >

English Literature Question Bank

548 questions and 108 ready-made tests

The English Literature Question Bank's questions are based on the 4 themes of the AQA GCSE Specification: Shakespeare, 19th Century, modern and poetry. 

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At a Glance Guide > 

About the author team

Find out more about all of the experienced teachers who wrote the questions in the Question Bank:

Geography Question Bank

Our Geography Question Bank for Years 7-11 provides 900 questions across 89 ready-made tests with embedded stimulus material.

Progression Frameworks

See how students can progress from building skills to excelling with each AO with these summary guides:

Assess Reading Skills

Question Bank contains a wealth of AO1 questions to support comprehension and vocabulary skills, and can be complemented with a quick assessment of reading skills of your year 7 – 11s using ART: a wide-ranging, standardised and flexible assessment tool. Use it from KS3 and beyond to confidently assess progress in reading and spot gaps in performance to help you plan intervention strategies.