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Education and Childcare T Level

Education and Childcare T Level

Publishing for Education and Childcare

We've been busy working with CACHE to create the resources for the T Level Qualification for Education and Childcare.

Find out more below and pre-order your copies today!

Titles in this series
What resources will be available?

There are two textbooks, both covering the key principles, concepts, theories and skills that will give students a solid foundation to support them during their industry placement. 

One textbook will be for the Early Years Educator specialism, and one for the Assisting Teaching specialism.


Both textbooks are now available for pre-orders of eInspection copies and print copies.


Look out for sample chapters coming soon!

Supporting Resources

We recognise some may start teaching before our resources are published so we've created some supportive resources to help you roll out T Levels as seamlessly as possible. 

- Knowledge Organiser: an overview of the specification content in easy-to-read format, with detailed summaries of content not covered in our existing textbooks.

- Mapping Grid: Find which of our already published resources cover the content for core parts of the specifications.

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CACHE Partnership

We're working closely with the Education and Childcare T Level provider, CACHE, in order to deliver the best resources for this new technical qualification.

Resource Authors

These resources are written by highly respected subject experts, Penny Tassoni, Louise Burnham and Janet King.

  • Penny Tassoni MBE is a best-selling author and educational consultant who specialises in Early Years Education and Childcare
  • Louise Burnham is a well-respected author and is an expert in the area of Assisting Teaching
  • Janet King is an internal subject specialist at CACHE and has authored a number of teaching resources for NCFE


Textbook Features

This new qualification will bring challenges to both teachers and students. From teaching unfamiliar content to preparing students for exams, these textbooks are packed full of features to help.