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Quickly identify gaps in knowledge with free online assessing and reporting tool MARK
By RS Assessment from Hodder Education
10 Jul

As you start preparations for the new school year, this term is unlike any other. Schools are being advised to spend their £650m additional catch-up package on summer programmes and longer school days, as well as tuition under the new national tutoring programme. With a slew of changing advice coming from the government and education experts, the team at RS Assessment thought it would be helpful to tell you about what we already have - and best of all, it’s free!

Identify those who need more support

Feedback from teachers we’ve spoken to is that they don’t want to waste their time or students’ time by teaching what they already know. Alongside our assessments, online tool MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) can help to identify students who need additional support. There is a broad range of individual and group level reports that you can use to easily and quickly review gaps in knowledge and identify those who may need additional one-to-one and small group work, including:

  • Group/Class Listing report, offering a comparative overview of multiple students, displaying standardised scores, age standardised scores, performance indicator groups (for reading test PIRA KS3 and maths test PUMA KS3 only) and strand level scores; and
  • Individual Pupil report, providing insight into an individual’s performance for a single test by reporting on their standardised score, age standardised score and a full strand level analysis with the click of a mouse.

If you are using Access Reading Tests (ART) or Access Mathematics Tests (AMT) as a baseline test, you will also be able to see the difference in your student’s score before and after extra time was awarded.  Hear from teachers using ART and AMT here

Many of our partner schools are also interested in identifying specific groups of students based on contextual information, for example whether they receive Pupil Premium. This information can be automatically synced from your MIS using one of our data partners, including Wonde, Assembly analytics and Arbor.  Learn more about this here.

Accessing technology at home and in school

MARK isn’t only for accessing analysis and reports; you can also administer online interactive tests with ART and AMT. Unlike the paper versions these are automatically marked, so your students’ results and reports are available for review as soon as they are submitted, giving you more time to focus on deciding on the best support for them. 

For students, the tests are browser based which means that they can be used, in test conditions, at home or at school. All they need is an internet connection and access to a tablet, laptop or desktop to do them. The tests can be used to gauge literacy and numeracy ability and can be used to support access arrangement applications (ART) so that those furthest behind can access the interventions and support they need.

For more information visit our dedicated MARK page.

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