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5 ways you can save time and improve literacy and numeracy – with Access Tests
By RS Assessment from Hodder Education
08 Apr

Improving literacy and numeracy often starts with understanding where your students are in their learning and finding any gaps in their existing knowledge. Planning effective and targeted future teaching can then get underway.

Below, we’ve listed the top 5 ways that Access Reading Tests (ART) and Access Maths Tests (AMT), plus our free reporting tool MARK, can save you time and help your school improve literacy and numeracy this term and beyond…


  1. Minimum workload, maximum impact

    The first step is to assess your students. The digital versions of ART and AMT are quick to administer plus they’re auto-marked – saving you valuable marking time and allows you focus on improving learning.

    The tests are also available in print, so if your school’s preference is to administer in paper, they are all straightforward to mark with a simple-to-use mark scheme.

    At just 30 minutes for ART and 45 mins for AMT they’ll fit into any school’s lesson planning.

  2. Data easily accessible and from anywhere  

    Next, if you’re using the digital tests, the reports appear in MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit) immediately and are easy to access and interpret for staff of all levels. If you prefer to use the paper tests, the entering of data is simple and either available on-screen or via a CSV upload.

    MARK is free to access for all schools using both the print or digital version of the tests, and all users in a school have access to reports, so they’re ideal for last minute stakeholder meetings. 

  3. Quickly identify students who need additional support

    The tests provide standardised assessment of a learner’s reading or maths attainment, providing you with independent insight on your students and a common language of assessment across your school or trust. Diagnostic information from the tests can help to inform teacher judgements when developing action plans with students and intervention programmes.

    Pupil and group level reports in MARK surface the information to help you plan your next steps efficiently. You can find examples of these here.

  4. Ongoing support from a dedicated team

    Tech support is available for all schools so you can move forward with new ways of assessing, including quick online help from our friendly digital team, easy access step-by-step video guides, or face-to-face support from your local sales rep, whether that’s one-to-one or for your whole school.

  5. Free MIS-sync with our trusted data partners

    We work closely with our partners (Wonde, Assembly, Arbor and Groupcall Xporter) to enable a seamless set-up experience for MARK. Deciding to sync your data with your MIS will enable a quicker set-up and continued management of students in MARK ready for taking digital tests, marking print tests and analysis results. This service is provided free of charge with MARK.

To learn more about AMT and ART, you can download free evaluation packs here. Alternatively, you can speak with your local sales consultant. Find their contact details here

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