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SNAP-B (Special Needs Assessment Profile)

SNAP-B (Behaviour) is an online diagnostic assessment designed to pinpoint 17 behavioural difficulties which without identification, may limit a child’s potential to learn. 

  • Online assessments are easy to administer without the need for specialist training
  • Quickly identify areas of need as well as strengths to be celebrated
  • Generate reports and choose from hundreds of targeted interventions
  • Supports a rounded approach involving both home and school

SNAP-B follows the Assess - Plan - Do - Review model set out in the SEND Code of Practice (2015). 

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What does SNAP-B profile?

SNAP-B profiles 17 social, emotional and behavioural difficulties across 3 domains.  Suitable for pupils aged 5-16.

Relationship with self
Explosive anger
Implosive anger
Academic self-esteem
Social self-esteem
Relationship with self

Relationships with other children
Friendship deficit
Instrumental aggression
Attention-seeking from peers
Being hurtful towards peers
Relationships with other children at home

Relationships with adults
Attention-seeking from adults
Defiance towards adults
Over-dependence on adults
Being hurtful towards adults
Relationships with adults at home


How does SNAP-B work?

SNAP-B offers a triangulated approach to supporting students’ behavioural difficulties.

Initial questionnaires completed by pupils, teachers and parents/carers capture a complete overview of a pupil’s strengths and weaknesses as well as recording the voice of individual pupils.

SNAP-B offers suggested interventions to be used in school and at home, offering an entirely rounded approach to help support the specific needs of the student.

Download a brochure to see annotated screenshots of how SNAP-B works.

Watch a step-by-step video to see SNAP in action.


Impact of SNAP-B in schools

"SNAP-B helps us to triangulate information from Students, Parents and School staff to provide data and highlight areas which may have significant impacts on engagement.   The tool also allows us to reassess, so after targeted intervention, progress can be monitored and evidenced in a visual report which allows us to show the impact of the work we have carried out on improving student wellbeing." - Endeavour Academy 

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What's included in a SNAP-B subscription?

1-year subscription to SNAP-B (£199 + VAT) allows an unlimited number of pupils to be assessed and reassessed throughout the year. 

  • Access to online questionnaires

  • Access to printable Family and What I Feel Questionnaires (these can also be taken online)

  • Next steps and interventions

  • Instant online reporting to show progress over time

Order SNAP-B for your school

Helpful guidance on administering the questionnaires is included in the User Handbooks which are sold separately.


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