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PiRA Key Stage 3

PiRA Key Stage 3

Progress in Reading and Language Assessment (PiRA)

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Standardised termly tests that enable schools to accurately measure and predict progress.

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The standardised termly assessments, available for Years 7 to 9, enable schools to:

  • monitor progress as pupils develop the knowledge and skills needed for GCSE

  • see how groups of pupils are performing against other pupils nationally

  • gain reliable diagnostic and predictive information.

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Includes sample pages for Years 7 to 9 PiRA tests as well as the curriculum map, sample mark scheme, sample reports and administration guidance.

Case Studies

Teachers share their experience using PiRA standardised tests from RS Assessment from Hodder Education.

Mapping to GCSE grades

Provisional mapping tables enable you to look up any score on our PiRA KS3 assessments, and view the GCSE grade that each student may go on to achieve when they sit their English GCSE.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum maps are provided to summarise which topics are covered in each test. This enables schools to check that they have taught all content covered in each test.

My Assessment and Reporting Tool

PiRA KS3 is supported by free online gap analysis and reporting on MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Tool). 



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