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PiRA Key Stage 3

PiRA Key Stage 3

Progress in Reading and Language Assessment (PiRA)

Progress in Reading and Language Assessment (PiRA) is a suite of standardised termly tests that enable schools to accurately measure and predict progress in reading and compare performance to national averages.

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Published by RS Assessment from Hodder Education, part of the Hodder Education Group.

"We love the idea of a suite of standardised tests that will allow us to track improvement in a meaningful way throughout KS3" - William Boyce, Alterman Peel High School

“The tests provide an appropriate introduction to GCSE-style content. We would recommend the tests to other schools for familiarising students with the layout of GCSE exams.” - Kayleigh Thomas, English Teacher, Kenton School

Progress in Reading and Language Assessment (PiRA) for Key Stage 3 enables schools to accurately measure and predict students' progress in reading and compare performance to national averages using standardised scores. 

These standardised assessments, available for Years 7 to 9, enable schools to:

  • monitor progress as pupils develop the knowledge and skills they need for GCSE

  • see how groups of pupils are performing against other pupils nationally

  • gain reliable diagnostic and predictive information.

Discounts available for large cohorts. Contact your local consultant for details

Curriculum maps are included

PiRA KS3 works alongside any KS3 reading scheme. Curriculum maps are provided to summarise which topics are covered in each test. This enables schools to check that they have taught all content covered in each test.

View the curriculum map

The full manual for our PiRA KS3 tests will be published in Spring 2019. In the meantime, we are providing this spreadsheet which will enable schools to look up standardised scores for every pupil.
Once the manual is published, the full range of measures will be available, including age-standardised scores, Hodder Scale scores, and Reading ages.
Each year group has its own tab, listing a standardised score per term for each raw score.


Coming this term: mapping to GCSE grades

Our GCSE predictions will be available in 2020 for Year 9, 2021 for Year 8, and 2022 for Year 7. These accurate and robust predictions will be based on statistical analysis of student performance.

In the meantime, we will provide interim mapping to GCSE grades – this mapping guide, created in conjunction with AlphaPlus Consultancy, will show what GCSE grades your students may go on to attain.*

Using the percentiles of these norm-referenced tests, we’ll make a reasonable assumption that, for example, the top 5% of students on PiRA KS3 will go on to achieve the top 5% of GCSE results. 

*The interim mapping guide is not based on student performance and has not been correlated with actual GCSE results: it should be used as a tool to aid teacher judgement and not as a concrete set of predictions. 

The tests are publishing as follows:

  • Autumn tests - available summer 2018
  • Spring tests - available autumn 2018
  • Summer tests and full manual - available spring 2019
Ahead of the publication of the full teacher’s manual for PiRA KS3 in February 2020, we are pleased to make standardised scores available in advance. Tables allow you to convert raw score to standardised score. All other measures will follow as part of the manual in February, and these will also be available on MARK in Spring next year.


Please note that PiRA KS3 tests are not photocopiable.

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PiRA Key Stage 3
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