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Exploring Design and Technology for Key Stage 3

Exploring Design and Technology for Key Stage 3

New for 2020, our Exploring Design and Technology for Key Stage 3 series covers key subject content for students from Years 7 to 9.

Including resources such as Teaching & Learning materials and a brand-new Student Book formulated to match the GCSE (9-1) specification, this series will support you in delivering your Design & Technology lessons with confidence and expertise. 

Student Book

Written by subject experts to match the specification content, this new student book will help students to develop their knowledge and understanding and provide them with the building blocks to excel in their future studies. 

Teaching & learning resources

Expert subject resources to help support you in planning well-structured and engaging lessons.

Course planners

An overview of the projects for each term in each year, including cross curricular links.

Student eTextbook

Student eTextbooks are downloadable versions of the printed textbook that you can assign to students so they can:
- Download and view on any device or browser
- Add, edit and synchronise notes across 2 devices
- Access their personal copy on the move

Whiteboard eTextbook

Whiteboard eTextbooks are online interactive versions of the printed textbook that enables you to:
- Display interactive pages to your class
- Add notes and highlight areas
- Add double pages spreads into lesson plans

National curriculum

Download the programme of study for Key Stage 3 Design and Technology from the DfE website

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