Sociology Update: Improving your subject expertise to help students achieve success & top grades

Sociology 16-18 Teacher Training

Laura Pountney, Dr. Rima Saini, Katherine Twamley, Lambros Fatsis, Abby Day, Francis Ray White

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Why attend?

In this unique one-day conference, five leading experts will share their latest research on issues affecting young people and the impact of recent generational shifts on their thinking and experiences.

Why are young people today less likely to be Christian, but more likely to be ethically-minded? What does the policing of drill music tell us about the society young people are growing up in and the role played by the state? Why did lockdown impact families differently? How do your students really feel about gender, how is their understanding evolving over time, and what are the nuances of this much-discussed issue? What steps might be taken towards decolonising Sociology in the classroom?

This original in-depth event gives you the opportunity to learn, update your subject knowledge and be a student for the day, while the Chairperson, Laura Pountney, will help you incorporate the day’s discoveries into your teaching of A-level Sociology.

  • Listen to five experts in the field of Sociology discuss their latest research and how this can be used in, and inform, your teaching
  • Update your subject knowledge and be a student for the day
  • Receive classroom activities and exam-based activities to help you to incorporate information from these talks into your teaching, coordinated by Laura Pountney

Booking reference: SOC111122
Hodder code: 1661111122


10.00am Registration and refreshments
10.05am Young people today: Caring non-Christians
Abby Day
  • Young people today are less likely to be Christian than previous generations. Why this is so has been debated widely: are there changes in psychology? Society? Technology? Media?
  • Abby Day will discuss how these changes are generational and indicate an ethical shift towards caring for others and the planet, stressing values of equalities, diversities, sharing and sustainability
11.00am Exploring inequalities in families’ experiences of lockdown in the UK
Katherine Twarmley
  • Drawing on qualitative longitudinal multimodal data from 38 families with children in the UK, Katherine will discuss the extra everyday labour which individuals experience in going about their daily lives during COVID-19.
  • She will highlight the gendered and classed differences in experiences of COVID labour, which help to explain the underlying reasons behind the disparities in COVID and mental health outcomes across different gender and socioeconomic groups.
  • The research contributes to a greater understanding of both everyday life ‘under lockdown’ for families with children, and the processes which contribute to unequal experiences of the pandemic. 
11.55am Morning break
12.15pm Decolonising Sociology in the classroom
Dr. Rima Saini
  • Rima will discuss sociological approaches to teaching about race, racism and social justice from decolonial and critical race perspectives. She will provide case studies and examples from her own teaching and scholarship, specifically focusing on how to engage critically with data and methods in the sociological classroom and resources that can support this.
  • She will also discuss findings from her own mixed methods scholarship on race, class and exclusion amongst socially mobile ethnic minority groups.
1.00pm Lunch
2.00pm Policing UK drill music: Institutional Racism Reloaded?
Lambros Fatsis
  • Lambros will discuss the policing and criminalisation of UK drill music as a case study of police racism.
  • His talk will demonstrate the various ways in which drill rappers are targeted by the police, prosecutors and judges in illegitimate and unjust ways, while also exploring some sociological concepts - like racial neoliberalism - that help us make sense of state-sanctioned racial(ised) criminalisation.
2.55pm Afternoon break
3.10pm Talking about Gender: Shifting Terrain
Francis Ray White
  • The ways we talk, think and know about gender are ever changing, but the increased awareness of trans and non-binary genders in recent years has brought new aspects of gender to the fore.
  • In this talk Francis will introduce some of this shifting terrain and its associated language and offer some illustrative examples. 
4.00pm Conference ends


Laura Pountney - Presenter
Laura Pountney - Presenter
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Abby Day - Presenter
Abby Day - Presenter
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Francis Ray White - Presenter
Francis Ray White - Presenter
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Katherine Twamley - Presenter
Katherine Twamley - Presenter
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Lambros Fatsis - Presenter
Lambros Fatsis - Presenter
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Dr. Rima Saini - Presenter
Dr. Rima Saini - Presenter
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London - Venue TBC
Within Zone 1
Venue will be confirmed at least 2 weeks before the event takes place.

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