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Science Customer Testimonials

"After carefully considering all the textbooks on the market, we opted for Hodder’s AQA KS3 Science Books 1 and 2 books to support our Scheme of Work in Year 7 and 8. We were attracted by excellent presentation of the “Big Ideas”, the plethora of worked examples and enquiry tasks, and most especially by the varied activities that provide our students with opportunities to apply and extend their understanding. The support we receive from Hodder in setting up the online package was also outstanding."
Nadine Risso, Wimbledon High School on AQA KS3 Science

"Excellent resource. My son has just started to use this.​"
Mrs Lisa John on  WJEC GCSE Chemistry​

"Excellent book. I really like the tips throughout the book. The test yourself questions are challenging enough and students have the opportunity to support the required practicals with follow up work​."
Mrs Emma Dunkley on  AQA GCSE (9-1) Chemistry Student Book​

“Excellent book. Explains my son's classwork in a simple but specific "marks" related way. He finds it simple to use and has given him a lot more confidence going into this summer's exam.”​
Amazon review on  WJEC GCSE Science My Revision Notes​

"This was an amazing revision guide for my daughter who was revising for her year 10 GCSE’s. It helped her to achieve an A* so it was definitely worth it. She said that it was very detailed and highlighted what you needed to revise for the higher tier paper. The quizzes at the end were very helpful and a lot of the questions which appeared in the actual exam could not have been answered without the help of this guide."
Amazon review on  My Revision Notes: WJEC GCSE Chemistry​

"Supported syllabus excellently - would recommend above all other books on market.​"
Amazon review on  WJEC GCSE Biology

"A very informative guide. Very helpful and the practise questions are great to prepare for exams.​"
Amazon review on My Revision Notes: WJEC GCSE Physics

"Great resource. Starting to use it more in lessons to aid teaching.​"
Andy Marshall on  AQA GCSE (9-1) Biology Whiteboard eTextbook​

"Comprehensive set of adaptable resources. Perfect as support for teaching from AQA or Dynamic Learning schemes of work."
Andy Marshall on  AQA GCSE (9-1) Science Teaching and Learning Resources​

"Invaluable teaching resources. Great to have available for planning at home & at work. Really helps to engage students and is a welcome break from text books."
Andy Marshall on  OCR A level Biology Teaching and Learning Resources​

"Perfect addition to existing resources. Text books are fully comprehensive. Interactive resources are great too​."
Andy Marshall on  OCR A Level Chemistry Teaching and Learning Resources

"A must-have for all A-Level chemists. This revision guide provides clear and cogent explanations of all the difficult concepts in A-Level Chemistry. The accuracy of the mechanisms within organic chemistry is not found in any other book.​"
Mr Jay Patel on  My Revision Notes: OCR A Level Chemistry A​

“This book is expertly written with detail: explanations, worked examples, practice questions for each of the 25 chapters and a few exam Qs included at the end.”​
Amazon review on  Essential Maths Skills for A-level Biology​

“Great book. Clear explanations and worked examples with really useful exam tips.”
Amazon review on AQA A-level Chemistry Student Guide: Physical Chemistry 1​

“Excellent content, concise and with clear targets and strategies”​
Amazon review on  Aiming for an A in A-level Biology​