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My Revision Notes for OCR GCSE (9–1) Religious Studies: Case Study

Bedford free school

Head of RE, Bedford Free School

How do you use My Revision Notes in your classroom?

We use Hodder Education’s My Revision Notes for OCR GCSE (9–1) Religious Studies and feel that the revision guides have made a positive impact on students’ performance. They are clear with concise text and an easy-to-follow format, and useful for helping students identify the quotes they need to learn.

We use the guides throughout the year for small tests, as well as for independent study and to support students who have been away from school. We encourage students to use the guides during revision as a ‘belt and braces’ approach to check they aren’t missing anything.

During the 2020 lockdown and the period of school closures, the guides were very useful – we could set students questions from the guides to check that they had understood the remote learning tasks we were giving them to do. It was nice, simple way to check that they had covered all the key basics.

How do My Revision Notes consolidate students’ knowledge? 
They give a shorter explanation of teacher notes and students can use this as a starting point for revision. The notes in the guides are clear and concise and the students can access them independently.

How do My Revision Notes build students’ exam/study skills?
The guides are laid out in clear sections and have pages which provide a very helpful count down to the exams. Each section has a tick box they can check once they have completed the test questions and this helps students take control and hold themselves to account over their studies.

What features of My Revision Notes do your students particularly like?
The revision planner is great – students can see at a glance where they are with their revision across the whole syllabus. The layout of each section is also helpful and makes it easy to locate the key quotes.

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