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Psychology Customer Testimonials 

"Really useful book for the new GCSE spec. The book has a good layout that is accessible for students."
Miss C Headley, Carlton Bolling College on  OCR GCSE (9-1) Psychology

"This textbook is very comprehensive and covers all topics in detail. I particularly like the checklist at the start of each chapter. It details what the chapter should enable the reader to do. Within each chapter, there are also useful coloured boxes to break up the content. For example, boxes titled; Challenge, Check your understanding, DIY and Study hint. These are good for setting as homework tasks/independent learning tasks. It is particularly good for our students as they find reading large amount of unbroken text, difficult.

Practice questions provided at the end of each chapter are useful for both teacher and student as they provide a sample answer too. There is also commentary provided and so these could be a useful activity to use in class by asking students to mark these answers and provide comments.

Key term definitions are provided throughout this textbook and a full glossary is given at the back. I find this useful to make into a card matching activity for students to do when they have finished tasks in class. It is also good that the key terms are highlighted in red text so they stand out easily to the reader. I would certainly recommend this book for anyone currently designing their new GCSE course resources."

Karen Thomson, ATP review​ on  OCR GCSE (9-1) Psychology

“Everything about this book is perfect for the GCSE exams for Psychology.”
Amazon review on  OCR GCSE Psychology My Revision Notes

"Let me celebrate how good the new AS AQA text book is for Psychology. It's really propelling learning with great assessment checks and 'strengthening your learning' exercises, and students find it fairly easy to read."
Ian Thompson, Head of Psychology at Larne Grammar on  AQA A-level Psychology Year 1​

"Clear, well laid out and student friendly and I'm confident my students will be well prepared. The real life examples and practise questions are much appreciated."
Ian Thompson, Head of Psychology at Larne Grammar on  AQA A-level Psychology Year 2

"Excellent resource with lots of exam questions and teaching and learning ideas. We found the resource very user friendly and will be fully purchasing it after the free trial.​"
Danielle Rowbotham on  AQA A-level Psychology Dynamic Learning​

“Very good with simple information that you easily understand.”​
Amazon review on  AQA A-level Psychology My Revision Notes​

“Very useful, including a breakdown of the topics along with example exam questions for both AS and A-level.”
"Amazon review on  AQA A-level Psychology Workbook​"