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Maths Customer Testimonials 

" We have been using Mastering Mathematics for some three years now. We were attracted by the layout - Skills Practice A and Skills Practice B allow basic practice for all, (with Skills Practice B usually being slightly harder), and then Wider Skills Practice & Applying Skills are useful applications of the topics in a more "real-life" setting, and are particularly good for more able students. We find that these sections help enormously with getting the pupils used to "numeracy-style" questions which has also helped with preparation for the WJEC Numeracy GCSE that all our pupils sit. Each topics has sets of PowerPoints and the quality of these are very good. We find them particularly useful with non-specialists. With having to use more and more of these, being able to give them all resources, (including answers), helps their confidence and also enables the pupils to make progress which they would not otherwise have been able to. One aspect we have not used is the use of online testing. This just doesn't work with our school environment, though I can see how it will help in many schools. We were one of the first schools, I believe, to "buy-in" into Mastering Mathematics and so have the first copies. There are a few errors in the text books and so you do need to watch out; however they are few and do not detract from a great set of resources. There are also occasions when we find an exercise is a bit "jumbled up", however we just break the exercise up to get over this. We are VERY happy with Mastering Mathematics and I would gladly recommend it to other schools. We have been given superb support by Sian Zakaria, (the Hodder rep) and I do feel the scheme has helped us improve our KS3 outcomes." 
Barry Hardiman on Mastering Mathematics for Key Stage 3

"We have selected this text as our main resource for teaching numeracy. We wanted a book specifically on number. This title has particularly well structured content and un-fussy layout. We plan to use this initially with KS3 students who have recently joined the school with deficits in basic numeracy but are also considering adopting it for KS2.​"
Mrs Jane Mowbray, Wynstones School​ on  Mastering Mathematics - Number​ for Key Stage 3

"This is the middle book in this excellent three-book series for the new 9-1 GCSE. I can use this as my core text with the lower and higher books as support and extension. The format is so clear - finally a resource that the whole department likes!​"
Mrs Jane Mowbray, Wynstones School​ on  Mastering Mathematics for OCR GCSE: Foundation 2/Higher 1 student etextbook​

"Very useful guide to the new specification"
Mr Byron King on  Mastering Mathematics for WJEC GCSE: Higher​

"This is an excellent resource and I would highly recommend this in preparation for the 9-1 IGCSE.​"
Mrs Christina Campbell, Head of Maths at Lucton School on  Edexcel IGCSE (9-1) Mathematics Dynamic Learning Package​

"The content is excellent and I particularly like the link with the Integral website. I would highly recommend these textbooks."
Mrs Christina Campbell, Head of Maths at Lucton School on  Edexcel A Level Mathematics Year 1 (AS)​

"Yes we have Integral and it's just the best thing ever! And because we have @HodderSchools textbooks, students can use the links to the e-textbooks. A brilliant set of resources!​"
Douglas, Isle of Man​ on A-level Maths via Twitter

"This book was delivered promptly and in perfect condition. It sets out clearly where there are opportunities for practising the skills needed for the new Maths A levels : problem solving, use of IT questions are indicated by coloured icons in the Practice Questions exercises. I like that every exercise has three bands: basic questions, roughly exam level and extension questions. There are frequent discussion points and activities to get students thinking, doing and questioning. Theory and examples are clearly set out with diagrams and sufficient white space so they don’t look cramped."
Mrs Helen Crosby​ on  Edexcel A Level Further Mathematics Core Year 1 (AS)​