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Case Study A-level Maths
Why Poynton High School chose Hodder Education's A-level Maths Textbooks

Head of KS5 Maths Poynton High School, The True Learning Partnership

What resources do they use?

MEI A-level Maths and Further Maths textbooks

We’re using the Hodder Education MEI A-level Maths and Further Maths textbooks and all the books by Roger Porkess and Catherine Berry have been excellent.

The explanations and examples are great – there’s nothing that’s implied, everything’s explained. Plus, the activities are absolutely fantastic – at the end of each topic explanation there are purple boxes with brilliant questions.

I also love the green, amber and red questions. The red questions are really tough, which is what we want, so that we can challenge our students. We’re also telling students that if they can do the amber questions, they can do the exam. If they’re struggling with a particular topic, then we tell them to keep practising the green questions.

The set up of the books works really well with the way we teach things. Plus, all the answers are in the back of the book and the well explained examples help to guide students through the topics.

Last year, our Year 12s and Year 13s used the textbooks for extra study – we set them tasks to do at home and they completed Integral exercises in class. This year, we’re going to flip that on its head and use the book in class, because of how impressed we’ve been with the books.

Students really like the examples in the books which help them to see how they should approach each question. The activities help to guide them through the questions, which lends itself better for something they’re doing in class, whereas Integral lends itself to being used at home.

I’m a big, big fan of the Pure Maths in all the books. It’s very well presented, the examples are excellent, and everything is explained fully, with the background of every single topic included. Certainly, Pure-wise these are the best books I’ve ever worked with.

Overall, everything is clearly explained so that students can understand each topic rather than just know what to do for each question and that’s a real strength.


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