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How we use Business Review Magazine to teach A-level Business effectively

A-level Business Teacher and Examiner

“The articles help with areas that students find more challenging. They are short, succinct and written in a student-friendly way.”

"My students did very well in the 2018 exams, with most predicted grades achieved. I find the key to success is a good balance between subject knowledge and exam skills. Students do well with a general understanding of business terms, together with a good contextual understanding of how these apply to specific businesses, markets and emerging markets. I use both the online and the hard copy versions of Business Review as research tools for the students. Its use of current business situations to relate business theory helps students understand how such issues relate to A-level Business. The articles help with areas that students find more challenging. They are short, succinct and written in a student- friendly way. My students particularly like the puzzles and quizzes, and the graphical representations of business issues.

For students, the articles provide another way of understanding business concepts. There are some topics that students find tricky, even when they have been on the syllabus for a long time, such as supply and demand and price elasticity. When they might lack understanding, the articles provide an alternative way of looking at these concepts, and I find that helps build confidence.

Over time, our college has developed a practice of creating our own booklets for the students, not just relying on textbooks but creating tailored resources to address topics such as supply and demand. As they build up a more sophisticated understanding, that’s where the magazines come in, so I might use some content from a magazine article paired with our own questions, culminating in students writing an exam answer that incorporates details from a magazine article. Like most colleges I know, our college has access to the Hodder Education eMagazines, and we instruct our students to look up the magazines there – when their course starts, I create a ‘treasure hunt’ for them that takes them through a process of finding out where the resources are, including digital devices. The magazines really come into their own around exam time, with the pre-exam issues providing exam skills articles and topical examples. The articles in Business Review give students a greater range of business examples to relate their exam answers to, which is particularly important for the longer 20-mark questions. The magazine also provides them with different ways of developing exam skills.

Having up-to-date content about businesses selected by the magazine’s editors and writers also helps to take some of the pressure off teachers, meaning that we might spent less time in the run-up to the exams researching companies that are in the news. Because the exams my students take are very much based on case studies of real organisations and we never know exactly what is going to come up, the more organisations students learn about and the more topical the information is, the easier the students find it to contextualise their exam answers."

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