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How we teach Modern Languages effectively using Hodder Education resources

King Edward VI School

Head of Spanish, King Edward VI School, Southampton

“The fact that the guides are written in both Spanish and English makes them really useful for lower-ability students but it also helps with revision.”

I teach A-level Spanish, following the new AQA specification. We use the Hodder Education Film and Literature Study Guides La Casa de Bernarda Alba, El Laberinto del Fauno, Como agua para chocolate, and Crónica de una muerte anunciada. We bought a study guide for each student to help with revision when they went on study leave. We also used the guides in our lessons when teaching both film and literature and they proved very helpful and accessible. In 2018, all of our students achieved grade C or above, with 63% of our students achieving an A* or A.

We use the guides mainly for revision, but we also use some of the questions suggested and the mind maps as we start studying the book/film, as well as setting the activities and essay titles as homework tasks. We also use the study guides to support our own teaching resources.

I particularly like the mind maps that come with each section, which the students then had to develop – these are great for building students’ knowledge. 

The fact that the guides are written in both Spanish and English makes them really useful for the lower-ability students but it also helps with revision as they can remind themselves quickly of what they have learnt by reading it in English, but they can also use the sections in Spanish to help them verbalise their ideas more easily. 

The vocabulary lists are very helpful for building students’ study and exam skills, but in particular, the sample essays at the end are great as students can really get a feel for what is expected of them. 

Students have found these essays especially helpful as it really gives them a sense of the standard needed and the style which is appropriate. Plus, they like the mind maps as they are very accessible and they remind them about what they have learnt, all on one page.

In addition to the film and literature study guides, we also use Hodder Education’s AQA A-level Spanish Revision and Practice Workbooks.
Like the study guides, these are a great resource for revision at the end of the Upper Sixth year. When it comes to revising the AS themes, for example, a distant memory from one year before, these workbooks are a great way to revise topic vocabulary and grammar. I love that you can practice all the necessary exam skills with a single workbook.

For years I’ve been looking for film and literature study guides for my students but all I found was either too dense or used too complicated language. I have been won over by these ones as they’re accessible but in-depth at the same time. A perfect pitch for my A-level students.

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