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How we teach Edexcel A level History effectively using Hodder Education resources

St Annes

Head of History, St Anne’s Catholic School, Southampton

“We practise Assessment for Learning and the practice questions in the
textbook are very helpful”

"We follow Route E for Edexcel A level History, using Hodder Education’s endorsed textbook Communist states in the twentieth century. 

The first thing that students do when approaching a new topic is to read through the relevant section in the textbook to get a basic story. Every student has their own copy and they use it at home for a different purpose, such as guidance on how to write an essay. We then move on to manipulating the textbook information and asking students the sort of questions that the exams are after. 

We use the pictures in the textbook as think pieces to springboard into historical context, for example, we look at a poster of Stalin and discuss where his views came from and the credentials that make him a leader. The visual stimulus is helpful for students who will remember the image and the lessons behind it. 

We practise Assessment for Learning and the practice questions in the textbook are very helpful for that. We feel that students take History for
fun, but there is an exam at the end, so different approaches and questions are a good thing. We use the practice questions in four different ways: to spark a class debate; for group work; for timed exam practice or to complete at home."

These textbooks also really help to develop university research skills, as well as helping with our planning."

What resources do St Anne's Catholic School use to teach Edexcel A level History?

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