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How we teach Edexcel A level History effectively using Hodder Education resources

Christs College

Head of History, Christ's College, Sunderland

“I got hooked on Hodder Education due to the great authors”

"The best thing that Hodder Education are offering out of any of the textbooks is to provide example work, given that the new syllabus is in its infancy. I have found really helpful examples in both the Hodder Education textbooks and My Revision Notes, which the students were all asked to purchase. 

I use the Communist states in the twentieth century textbook to help with my planning, particularly for document-based questions. I
really like the summary at the end of each sub-section. It allows a student’s knowledge to mature as they go through the topics. It gives them a
guide towards the conclusions they could be making, and top-end students can use their thinking to come to a subtler opinion.

One way that we use the textbook is to develop skills by taking an example question and then breaking it down to identify the trigger word and
the question focus.

We always recommend that students cross-reference the textbook with the Access to History series. I personally use it to pick out peculiar
examples that aren’t in the core. 

We also subscribe to the Modern History Review magazine and it is a critical part of the course, giving students access to different literature and authors. We also use it for preparatory work for coursework, to help students with the context. 

I got hooked on Hodder Education due to the great authors at GCSE-level History. In addition to that, I get really good service and I’ve always worked closely with the local Hodder Education rep"

What resources do Christ's College use to teach Edexcel A level History?

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