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The Flipped Learning at A-Level Conference

24th June 2019

French Teacher, Coleg Meirion Dwyfor
I thought the choice of venue was excellent. What a great start to the day, being able to see some of the outfits worn and the guitars broken - and smashed up! - by many of the music world's icons and heroes. 
The conference room was pleasantly cool on a very hot, sticky day in Central London, and delegates from a wide range of teaching specialisms worked easily together in their various groups throughout the day. 
There was an abundance of tea, coffee and croissants or pastries in the morning, followed by a delicious lunch in the restaurant, with a wide range of food types to suit all tastes. 10 out of 10 for quality! The hotel staff were excellent, too. Afternoon tea and coffee were provided to refresh us, to say nothing of the deliciously chocolatey biscuits. Very moreish!
Lesley Clark delivered a very professional and well-designed presentation on flipped learning, drawing from her expertise and many years of successful experience within the flipped classroom, where she still teaches! For those of us who are fairly new to the concept, she provided enthusiasm, support, wisdom, and encouraged us just to try flipping our classrooms - in other words, swapping classwork for homework (and vice versa) - and just see how it goes. She promised us that we would never look back, once we'd noticed how much more time and opportunity for discussion and feedback there would be during class time, as the students would have already prepared the material beforehand. Lesley also shared some of her online materials which can be adapted to suit different areas of the curriculum, which was very useful. This was one of the best CPD events I have attended. Thank you!  

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