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How we teach AQA GCSE English Language effectively using Hodder Education resources

Magdalen college school

Head of English, Magdalen College School, Northamptonshire

“The chapter on comparisons and synthesising information takes students through the structure beautifully”

"We use the Hodder Education Grades 1–5 and Grades 5–9 textbooks to teach and supplement learning with the whole pack of Hodder Education AQA Language resources. We use the textbooks, the digital Dynamic Learning Teaching & Learning Resources and Exam Question Practice, and the Workbooks and My Revision Notes.

Our first-year exam went really well. We focused mainly on question 3 as we felt that presented the biggest difference in the new specification. 
Students performed really well on questions 3 and 4. The chapter on comparisons and synthesising information in the Grades 5–9 book 
is very well written. It takes them through the structure beautifully, so they learn to compare, not just repeat information.

It’s the questions and the exemplars that the students like the most about the textbooks. As well as the lower grades, they have a lot of grade 9  examples, which is particularly useful. We really like the assessment comments and we often use these to identify what is good about the  response, or if it’s a lower grade, what could be improved. We also ask students to try and match the comment with the text. The extension work in the Teacher’s Book is also very good.

The Dynamic Learning resources work really well alongside the textbooks. I really like the reports to see how much time students have spent on  certain answers, and how this compares to the quality of their responses. Dynamic Learning has so many uses – students can use it at home and get immediate feedback as it’s self-marking. We also use it in class for revision.

It really is a development of the work they do in the textbook as the questions and extracts for each text differ. The students like how 
it all fits together, what they do in class and what they do online. Using these resources shows in their reading and writing skills. The 
exemplar texts really help to show what a good answer looks like."

What resources do Magdalen College School use to teach AQA GCSE English Language?

Grades 1–5 and Grades 5–9 textbooks >

Teacher's Book >

Teaching and Learning Resources > 

Exam Question Practice >

Workbook >

My Revision Notes >