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Advanced Stage

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This set of learning resources supports your students as they develop into competent users of language. The no-frills, no-nonsense approach is flexible to use by individuals or with a whole class, online or in print. It's ideal for first teaching as well as catch-up with smaller groups.
  • Builds learner competencies with four progressive levels of difficulty
  • Covers aspects of English that students often find tricky to master
  • Saves you time with ready-made learning material that offers clear, consistent teaching examples and tips
  • Builds your students' confidence with short practice tests that will indicate the areas they need to focus on and improve

The Advanced Stage Includes:

Evaluation Pack

Tests (packs of 10)

Each Test book is 12 pages, available in packs of 10.
Pupils take Test A (pre-test) to check where they need to improve. After working through the Workbooks, they take Test B (post-test) to check what they have learned.

Quickstep English Test A Advanced Level
Quickstep English Test B Advanced Level

Workbooks (packs of 10)

Each workbook is 24 pages, available in packs of 10.
One Workbook covers each of the five topics: Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary and Handwriting. Each Workbook is subdivided into short units of instruction followed by 'Things to try' and end-of-unit tests.

Quickstep English Workbook Grammar Advanced Level
Quickstep English Workbook Punctuation Advanced Level
Quickstep English Workbook Spelling Advanced Level
Quickstep English Workbook Vocabulary Advanced Level
Quickstep English Workbook Handwriting Advanced Level

Dynamic Learning

Advanced Stage Dynamic Learning

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