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Network Edition CD-ROMs





The Assessment Engine






1. Where can I find my installation code?

Please email with the title, ISBN, invoice number and the name of your school or college. 

2. My installation code doesn't work.

The installation codes are case sensitive and consist of twenty alphanumeric digits. Please make sure you are entering the code correctly, it may help to copy-paste directly from the confirmation email. 

3. What type of licence do I get with the Network Edition CD-ROM?

All Dynamic Learning Network CD-ROMs come with a full site licence. You can install as many copies of the program as you like within your educational establishment.

4. Where should I install the software on my PC? 

Please install the CR-ROM to a drive mapped to a letter as Flash security settings will often not allow videos to play fr
om other locations on the hard drive. 

5. Can I install the CD-ROM on my VLE?

Content can be exported in SCORM 2004 (1.3) packs. These packs are fully tagged and can be imported into SCORM-compliant VLEs.


1. Why do users get a “Script error - continue?” message?

If the first user opens the CD-ROM with write permissions, other users will be locked out. 
Please ensure all the files in the Dynamic Learning "Engine" folder and any Assessment Engine files are set to read-only.

2. What are the default permissions for students? 

Read-only access is given to students by default. If you would like to change permissions, you can find instructions in 
the installation document.


Assessment Engine

1. I can't log in to the Assessment Engine.

Please make sure you set the Windows or Mac file attributes as per the installation instructions. You must also give all users full control of the .aedb database file(s).

2. What permissions do I need to save class results?

You will need to ask your network administrator for full control of the database file and the containing folder. If the CD-ROM is installed on an applications drive, try moving the .aedb files to a shared documents area. The Admin Console must be used to map to the relocated database files.

3. Will I be able to view Assessment Engine reports on my VLE?

If you choose to export the resources to your VLE, you will not be able to view Assessment Engine reports.



1. Can I add my own resources to lessons on the CD-ROM?

Yes, simply add your own resources by using the "Link to external file" feature in the Lesson Builder. 

2. The program freezes when I search for resources.



1. Where can I find the radio reports in ICT InteraCT 2, Unit 1.5?

Download them here: ICT Radio Script 1.mp3 (964 Kb) and ICT Radio Script 2.mp3 (1.6 MB)

2. The Assessment Engine installer is unable to find some files on the ICT InteraCT 3 CD-ROM. 

Please update to the latest version of the Assessment Engine to avoid getting this message again. 

3. Where can I download “Using descriptive detail in non-fiction writing” PDF on page 71 in Interactive English Year 9?

A replacement PDF is available here

4. How can I access and export Unit 5.8 in Interactive English Year 7?


5. How can I print PDFs in OCR PE for A2? 

Please download this zip file (10 MB) which contains printable versions.