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On-Demand Student Webinars

On-Demand Student Webinars

Instantly bring experienced examiners into your classroom – virtually.

Develop your students’ knowledge, hone their skillset and fill any gaps in their understanding by downloading our On-Demand Student Webinars – that can be used flexibly for Year 10/12 lessons, homework or as part of catch-up programme during the summer. 

Textbooks and eBooks for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE History

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What are On-Demand Student Webinars?
Provide your students with instant access to the experts

Our On-Demand Student Webinars are written and recorded by the leading authors, practitioners and examiners that you know and trust and can be used for lessons, assessment, homework and remote learning. 

Allow students to take control of their learning

Students can pause, rewind and re-watch the webinar as many times as they need to cement understanding and boost confidence. On-Demand Webinars can be watched anywhere, at any time on any device - until 31st December 2021.

Ideal for the flipped classroom

Our On-Demand Student Webinars can be an invaluable tool to build prior knowledge before each lesson. There are regular opportunities to pause and complete activities so students can work at their own pace. 


Trusted by 1000s of teachers

We’ve delivered expectational student webinars to hundreds of schools across the UK since 2012 and supported thousands of students to reach their potential.

Built-in activities make learning fun & engaging

Perfect for blended learning, our On-Demand Students Webinars have plenty of activities built in to provide you with a ready-made lesson solution that can be used to build students’ confidence.

Watch a short taster clip!

From Melanie Vance's How to write excellent essays: AQA A-level History

Explore On-Demand Webinars for your subject