Watch Sir Keith Ajegbo's speech on community cohesion

Sir Keith Ajegbo was the special guest at the launch of OCR Citizenship Studies for GCSE short and full courses in September 2009. He gave a fascinating speech on "community cohesion: issues and practice", which you can watch right now:

Part 1 - Sir Keith introduces the topic of community cohesion by summarising the 'Diversity and Citizenship' review he carried out for the Secretary of State. He looks at some of the issues surrounding community cohesion, such as terrorism, segregation, immigration, binge drinking, teenage pregnancies and underachievement.
(Duration: 7 mins 23 secs)
Part 2 - Sir Keith investigates how community cohesion fits into citizenship education and how schools fit into their communities. He ponders the notion of community on a local, national and global level and questions how well equipped schools are to deal with controversial issues.
(Duration: 8 mins 36 secs)

Part 3 - Sir Keith explores some of the feedback he received from students whilst carrying out his review, and analyses a Development Education Agency survey on student attitudes towards multiculturalism.
(Duration: 7 mins 45 secs)

Part 4 - Sir Keith considers the challenges facing teachers when teaching citizenship. He examines how citizenship fits into the curriculum and how Britishness has been redefined.
(Duration: 5 mins 46 secs)

Part 5 - Sir Keith concludes his speech by looking at the relationship between community cohesion, equality and extended schooling.
(Duration: 5 mins 37 secs)

Download Sir Keith's accompanying PowerPoint presentation.

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