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New Non-Reading Intelligence Tests 1–3

New Non-Reading Intelligence Tests 1–3


Group tests presented orally by the teacher, enabling general ability to be assessed independently of reading.


The New Non-Reading Intelligence Tests (NNRIT) comprise three tests for use with the following chronological age-groups:
NNRIT 1 – ages 6:2 to 8:10 
NNRIT 2 – ages 7:2 to 9:10
NNRIT 3 – ages 8:2 to 11:10 (primary) – ages 10:2 to 13:10 (secondary)
The NNRIT tests assess aspects of language and thinking that are not necessarily represented in measures of pupil attainments, and help to pinpoint low-achieving and slow-reading pupils who may have high underlying ability.
Oral administration allows poor readers to do themselves full justice.

Please be advised that orders of New Non-Reading Intelligence Tests are restricted to schools/institutions only. Please supply an institutional address when you place your order as we are unable to fulfil orders with a private address.

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