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My Revision App

My Revision App

GCSE Modern World History: My Revision App

Make revising easier with 2,000 carefully organised facts at your fingertips and activities to help you remember them.
How to buy
The app is compatible only with iPhone, iPod touch and iPads (in expanded mode).

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How to use
Frequently asked questions have been posted below. If you have any further questions please email us and we'll reply as soon as possible.
About the Author
John D. Clare, formerly Deputy Headteacher at Greenfield School in County Durham, has been writing history textbooks and teachers' materials since 1988. He is the creator of the popular Modern World History revision website

How do I change my exam board? On the homescreen tap the '?' icon at the top left.
How do I hide and reveal topics? Tap the 'Hide' button at the top right of the homescreen and then tap on the topic to hide or reveal it. Once you've chosen all the topics to hide/reveal tap 'Done'.
In recall mode, how do I record whether I know the fact? Tap the fact to reveal the full answer. Indicate whether you knew it by tapping the tick or cross. When you go back to your list of flashcards, the pie charts will show the number of facts you know.

Why is the game option greyed out sometimes? The game feature is only present for flashcards which include events and dates.
Why is test mode marking me wrong? If you haven't spelled the term correctly and in full you won't get credit.

In test mode how do I choose which flashcards to test myself on? At the top right of the flashcards screen tap on the orange 'Test'button, then choose the flashcards you'd like to test yourself on by tapping them. When you are ready to get started tap the 'Start Test' button.
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