Making Sense of Maths

Making Sense of Maths

A new approach to developing conceptual understanding

With Making Sense of Maths, students are able to create their own problem solving strategies based on their knowledge of the world around them; helping them truly understand the mathematical theories.
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Why this Series?
Making Sense of Maths is the only series that develops conceptual understanding of students at key stage 3 and key stage 4.
Students build their own problem solving strategies based on their understanding of the world around them which then support them to tackle functional questions.
Series Review
‘These materials provide a fresh, effective way of covering the mathematical curriculum which will engage learners and answer many of the “what’s the point” questions’
John Barton Chair of NANAMIC

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Fitting In Sample chapters
Fitting In Sample chapters
Fair Shares sample chapters
Download sample chapters from the Fair Shares books:
All Things Equal sample chapters
3 types of books
The Student's Book, The Workbook and The Teacher's Book
  • The student's book provides engaging activities to help develop true understanding
  • The write-in workbook helps to consolidate and apply techniques
  • The Teacher's Books supports the activities in the student book
Download the Teacher's Book introduction.