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March 2018
Emma Kilheeney looks at the failure of the US Senate to pass a law protecting undocumented migrants.
December 2017
Cabinet resignations: Emma Kilheney looks into two recent resignations from May’s cabinet
October 2017
Trump’s deals with the Democrats: Emma Kilheeney gives her analysis
March 2017
February’s by-elections: Emma Kilheeney considers the results of the two February by-elections
December 2016
Legal defeat for government on Brexit: Emma Kilheeney explains why the High Court ruled against the government on Article 50, and what this means
October 2016
What is post-truth politics? Emma Kilheeney considers why lying is a key tool of today’s politicians, and looks at the overturn of Obama’s veto in Congress
March 2016
Death of a Supreme Court justice: Emma Kilheeney considers what the death of Justice Antonin Scalia means for the US Supreme Court and for Obama
December 2015
Emma Kilheeney looks at the significance of the government defeat on tax credits in the Lords
October 2015
In the wake of Jeremy Corbyn’s landslide victory in the Labour Party leadership election, Emma Kilheeney looks at what this means
March 2015
Is Ed Miliband an electoral liability? Ian Richards looks at the evidence
December 2014
Ian Richards asks what the Rochester and Strood result means for the main political parties — and for the 2015 general election
October 2014
In the aftermath of Scotland’s vote to remain in the union, Ian Richards considers the political changes likely to result
October 2013
Are party conferences still worthwhile?
March 2014
The politics of flooding. A look at the political storms that resulted from this winters floods and high winds.
December 2013
In the wake of John Major’s comments about the elitist nature of British society, Ian Richards asks whether the Tories are still too posh to prosper.
March 2013
What can the major parties learn from Eastleigh? Ian Richards reports on this significant by-election
October 2012
How can we interpret David Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle? Ian Richards has some thoughts
December 2012
Why did no-one vote? Were you aware that police and crime commissioner elections were being held on 15 November 2012? If so, you were probably in the minority, says Ian Richards.
October 2011
Cameron faces rising threat from Tory right. Ian Richards looks at the causes of Tory frustration and the form it is taking.
March 2012
Is NHS reform Cameron's poll tax?
December 2011
E-petitions: Exciting innovation or empty promise? Ian Richards considers the power of e-petitions, their impact so far, and what their future might be.