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March 2018
Parking a car in orbit: So how, and why, was a cherry-red car launched into orbit around the Earth? Carol Tear explains.
December 2017
Muons and the pyramids: Carol Tear shows how muons were used to find
secret chambers in the Great Pyramid of Giza
October 2017
Hurricane watch: Carol Tear explains how forecasters are able to predict the path of hurricanes
March 2017
Tidal lagoons: Can tidal power make a significant contribution to the UK’s future energy supplies? Carol Tear looks at how tidal lagoons can be used to generate electricity 
December 2016
Explaining the Nobel prize for topology: Carol Tear unpicks this description and finds out what it means and why it’s important
October 2016
What do we know about Proxima b? Carol Tear explores the implications of the discovery of a planet orbiting the nearest star outside our Solar System
March 2016
Gravitational waves: Carol Tear looks at the recently reported observation of gravitational waves
December 2015
The battery of the future? Carol Tear looks at recently reported electron microscopy studies of cathode materials in lithium-ion batteries, which may help to improve battery technology
October 2015
What is it like to live in space? Carol Tear looks at the challenges of sending humans into space for prolonged periods
March 2015
Carol Tear explains how physicists will be using the upcoming solar eclipse to aid their research.
October 2014
Proton beam therapy and the physics of the treatment
December 2014
What’s so great about blue LEDs? Carol Tear explains why the blue LED is important, and why it was difficult to achieve.
March 2014
Carol Tear recounts the recent discovery of a supernova in M82, a galaxy in the constellation Ursa Major
October 2013
Carol Tear examines reports of radioactive water leaks at the site of the Fukushima nuclear disaster
December 2013
Reducing the impact of destructive storms. Carol Tear looks at the physics of tropical cyclones and how we can reduce damage and save lives.