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March 2018
The PyeongChang Olympic Games raised a number of TOK knowledge questions (KQs). As TOK presentation season looms, John Sprague explores a number of reallife situations to model how to extract good KQs.
December 2017
Communicating through ritual: John Sprague examines how communities use ritual to convey knowledge
October 2017
Distinguishing between reliable and unreliable sources: John Sprague considers the methods of different knowledge communities
March 2017
Alternative facts or alternative interpretations? John Sprague provides a TOK perspective on the furore around ‘alternative facts’
December 2016
Can you tell when news is fake? John Sprague looks at the effects of fake and sensationalist news reporting
October 2016
Choosing a title for your TOK essay: John Sprague provides some advice to help you choose from the recently released essay titles for theory of knowledge
March 2016
Should knowledge be free? John Sprague asks if some sorts of knowledge should be ‘protected’ or ‘controlled’, and on what grounds?
December 2015
What’s in a name? John Sprague considers the power of naming, in reference to the recent Paris attacks and the Syrian refugee crisis
October 2015
Unethical economics? John Sprague highlights a recent news story that will help you explore the role of ethics in economics
March 2015
Is Jediism a religion? Nick Alchin uses a group inspired by a famous fictional religion to explore language and the nature of truth in religious knowledge systems.
December 2014
Does it matter who says it? A look at questions around authority of speaker and empathy for speaker as sources of knowledge..
October 2014
Democracy and the Scottish referendum. Nick Alchin looks at the many issues underlying the democratic process in relation to your theory of knowledge course