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March 2018
As Amazon opens its first automated supermarket, what are the implications for human shoppers and workers?
December 2017
Plague of plastic: What are the impacts of the 10–15 million tonnes of plastic entering our oceans each year?
October 2017
Tick-tock Doomsday Clock: how have the threats to humanity changed over the years?
March 2017
Mega-urban world: What does global urbanisation look like, and does it matter?
December 2016
Living in a post-truth world: What does post-truth politics mean for you as a geographer?
October 2016
A geographer decides: Has Theresa May made the right decision about Hinkley C?
March 2016
Can the EU survive? The 12 gold stars on the EU flag represent the unity of the peoples of Europe. Can this union survive the current strains?
December 2015
Can the world leaders now meeting in Paris make any progress on reducing greenhouse-gas emissions?
October 2015
Refugees: Nowhere to go, or know where to go? The current crisis in the EU raises important questions about refugees in the twentyfirst century
December 2014
Ebola in west Africa: A geographical perspective on how and why the current Ebola crisis is so much worse than previous outbreaks
March 2015
MDGs Did we score? 2015 was the end-date for the Millennium Development Goals. Did they succeed?
March 2014
When crises happen we like to find someone to blame. Is that a fair response to this winter’s flooding?
December 2013
Typhoons are not unusual in the Philippines, so how different was Typhoon Haiyan?
October 2014
Do we still need NATO? NATO, founded in 1949, is 65 years old, but a quiet retirement seems unlikely
October 2013
As the conflict in Syria worsens and the media focus on political debates about Western intervention, millions of refugees continue to leave the country. What are the impacts of this crisis?
December 2012
What does Sandy mean for the USA? The impact of superstorm Sandy raises questions about disaster preparedness and rising sea levels in one of the world’s great cities
March 2013
Horsemeat contamination: A different kind of food web.
October 2012
Arctic sea ice shrank to its lowest recorded level this year. What does this mean, and what might be the impacts?
December 2011
David Redfern looks at the recent earthquakes in Turkey in the context of ethnic and political issues in the country
March 2012
What’s in store for the high street? David Redfern looks at recession-hit high-street shops, and policies to save them
October 2011
Chasing cars. Globalisation, obesity and geopolitics