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March 2018
Cicely Palser Havely explores times your reading might have offended you, and how you should respond as a reader.
December 2017
350 years of Jonathon Swift: Luke McBratney celebrates the life and work of a writer, preacher and campaigner against injustice
October 2017
Is this a golden age for dystopias? Luke McBratney examines their appeal
March 2017
The rules of writing: Luke McBratney asks if good storytelling can be defined and, if so, what are the rules for writing successful fiction?
December 2016
Poetry vs popular songs: Luke McBratney reports on recent debates about the literary status of great songwriters
October 2016
Literary tourism: Luke McBratney explores the landscapes and places that shaped the writers we study and admire today
March 2016
Controversial commemorations? In the midst of commemorations of the centenary of the Somme, Luke McBratney looks at other incidents of the period and how authors remember them
December 2015
Brian Friel (1929–2015). Luke McBratney remembers Brian Friel by considering the ways in which some of his great plays explore memory
October 2015
Is there a film version? Luke McBratney looks at how adaptations can add new perspectives to your set texts
December 2014
Luke McBratney looks at why Jane Austen remains so popular, to the extent that modern reimaginings of her novels are published
October 2014
With the RSC’s 2014 production of The White Devil featuring a female actor in an archetypally male role, Cicely Palser Havely looks at the interpretations and problems that arise when women play men
March 2015
Using quotations in your exams - Dos and don’ts
March 2014
Cicely Palser Havely looks at how The Invisible Woman highlights some of the most intriguing contradictions in Victorian society
December 2013
Luke McBratney celebrates Scotland’s most famous writer — the perfect poet for the season of goodwill
March 2013
The Great Gatsby: In light of the forthcoming film version, Luke McBratney wonders what makes readers love F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous nove
December 2012
The essence of Christmas? Luke McBratney asks if James Joyce’s ‘The Dead’ could be the quintessential Christmas story
October 2013
Luke McBratney celebrates the life of a man who became a Nobel laureate but kept faith with his farming roots
March 2012
Revise and conquer: Luke McBratney provides you with tips, activities and resources to support your revision and help you get the best grade
December 2011
The best of 2011: Luke McBratney looks back at some of the year’s literary highlights
October 2012
The battle of the books: Luke McBratney examines the literary clash between readability and experimentation
October 2011
Brontë burger, anyone? Luke McBratney looks at how our hunger for big Victorian novels is being fed this autumn