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March 2018
How do you make a space rocket launch vehicle more powerful? Strap three together… Joseph Lloyd explains the chemistry behind the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket in the world.
December 2017
Seeing the invisible: Joseph Lloyd explains how pioneering work has ushered in a new era for biochemistry
October 2017
Hurricane Harvey causes chemical catastrophe: Joseph Lloyd assesses the damage
March 2017
Could carbs cause cancer? Joseph Lloyd investigates the truth about the dangers of burnt toast and crispy potatoes
December 2016
Joseph Lloyd looks at the chemistry of Nobel prize-winning molecular machines and their potential applications
October 2016
The chemistry of a successful relationship: what is the actual chemistry behind a successful relationship?
March 2016
The chemistry of chocolate: In the run-up to Easter, Polly Lang looks at what makes it so special
December 2015
The chemistry of Christmas: Isaac Bruce presents some festive facts to discuss over your Christmas dinner
October 2015
In the midst of the Rugby World Cup, Isaac Bruce asks how concussion is caused and how it can be treated
October 2014
The chemistry behind The Great British Bake Off: Isaac Bruce looks at the chemistry behind baking
March 2015
You may enjoy studying chemistry, but how can you use it to make a difference to the world? Isaac Bruce provides some examples
December 2014
Many of the chemical advances of the last 100 years came about because of research during war, but did conflict between nations hinder scientific discovery as much as aid it?
March 2014
Nanopaper - The new wonder material: Isaac Bruce looks at the development of nanopaper and how hydrogen bonding is key to its strength
December 2013
How Computational chemistry changed everything: Isaac Bruce looks at the impacts of the work of the 2013 Nobel prize-winners
October 2013
Drug testing in Sport: Isaac Bruce looks at how chemistry keeps sport clean
March 2013
Isaac Bruce examines the chemical techniques used to verify the discovery of Richard III’s remains
December 2012
Isaac Bruce profiles the winners and looks at the implications of their work on guanine nucleotide protein coupled receptors (GPCRs)
October 2012
The efficiency of solar cells needs to be improved. Isaac Bruce discusses how a protein from Popeye’s favourite snack could do the trick